Bitcoin new currency for online gaming sites

Bitcoin was launched by Satoshi Nakamoto in year 2009. The value of Bitcoin in 2010 was 1BTC=0.08$ whereas this value in, ay 2016 was 1BTC=450$ which has further rose to 1BTC= $11.5K in December 2017. This exponential rise in the value of this cryptocurrency is attracting number of investors from all over the world. Bitcoin as a digital currency is highly online for various online transactions as well as for investment purpose. Past few years use of Bitcoins can be seen in form of online rewards, wins as well as online payments.

The popularity of Bitcoins can be made out by its increasing use in the online gaming. Number of sites have been launched which deals in Bitcoin games. A bitcoin game is an online game in which a gamer uses Bitcoin as the currency. This further means that the funds are deposited as well as the winning amount is collected in form of Bitcoins. In this era of digitalization, online gaming sites like are using digital money as their gaming currency. Not only the gaming sites this change from traditional currency to use of cryptocurrency especially Bitcoin can be seen on various online casino gaming sites. Various sites have either made the use of Bitcoin compulsory or have added Bitcoin as an additional currency.

Besides increasing value of the Bitcoin, using Bitcoin for gambling has various benefits. Being a decentralized currency it is not regulated by any country’s government. Hence rules or regulations of any country are not valid in case of Bitcoin. Moreover, Bitcoin helps gambler in keep his identity hidden. Very low or sometimes even no processing fee makes this cryptocurrency highly cost effective. Bitcoin is highly safe and secure to be used online. Last but not the least Bitcoin transactions are much faster as compare to traditional currency.

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