Career opportunities in the Altera Corporation

Programmable semiconductors and products like FPGA, PLDs, CPLDs and much more are the requirements of the communications, electronic device manufacturer and software industry. The market is full of suppliers that provide all the related electronic products. And as the competition is increasing the quality and the product design technology is improved by the manufacturers to remain in the competition. Altera Corporation is one of the leading companies in supplying the PLDs, FPGAs, and all the customer’s needs.

The company designs and manufactures the programmable logic devices, ASICs, intellectual property cores that are the pre-designed building blocks and its associated development tools. PLDs consist of FPGAs (field programmable gate arrays) and CPLDs (complex programmable logic devices). PLDS are the standard semiconductor ICs that are used to perform the desired logic function by programming them. Hard copy enables the customers to transit from high-density FPGAs to the known programmable implementations for the volume production. To add standard functions to the PLDs customer needs to be licensed IP cores. Altera Corporation is now the part of Intel. It has produced many products like Stratix and much more with the Intel.
Huge career opportunity is there for the electronic engineers who are interested in the design and manufacturing of these components. Altera offers the internship program for the fresher so that they can gain some industrial experience in the relevant field. The interested candidates can search online for the internship programs. Candidates should have the knowledge in the related field to get a good job.
Skills requirement-
• The knowledge of FPGA, PLDS, its basics, and a design is the most important.
• Knowledge of programming is also necessary. Candidate must have the knowledge of software programming like C, C++.
• Along with that students must know the basic of VHDL/Verilog language that is the technical language use to program the integrated circuits.
Lots of career opportunities are there for the candidates in the Altera Corporation. Working with them will give a great height to the career of the students.

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