Growth Hacking: How Can It Benefit You and What Is It?

In just a digital landscape which is evolving in a staggering speed, entrepreneurs are confronted with the expanding spectrum of terms. What does “synergy” bring to mind (besides a dystopian scifi movie where robots take on the world)? And what is “snackable content” specifically (besides being significantly hunger-inducing)? The buzz-words are developing increasingly elusive as the digital business endeavors to establish its continuous growth.

Growth Hacking Another Buzzword?
No! growth hacking isn’t just another intangible idea. In reality, it’s a one that is extremely easy. Sean Ellis, CEO of Qualaroo and ordained God-Father and the Founder of Growth Hacking, gives this explanation:

A growth hacker is a person whose true north is growth.
As a growth hacker, every method you make and every strategy you execute, every instrument you apply needs to be educated by your want for growth. It may seem self evident the singular objective of growth hacking is growth, but the elegance of this, and what makes growth hacking this kind of practice that is valuable, is its versatility. It will not matter if if you are a multi-national company or a one guy startup; growth hacking does not discriminate and anybody can leverage it.

Digital is a battle-ground on which entrepreneurs are battling to attain competitive edge. There may be uncompromising limited assets, constraining budgets, targets as well as a surplus of rivals against a backdrop of advancing platforms and tools. A traditional method to marketing is no longer enough. The only way to endure, is to adapt.

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