How is tenofovir a beneficial drug in many ways?

tenofovir Disoproxil, Which is commonly known, as Viread is an antiviral drug used for the treatment and the prevention of Hepatitis B, HIV and Aids. Viread does not cure these diseases.Viread is also utilised for the treatment of other diseases if your doctor recommends it.
Viread was invented in 1996, but it didn’t get approved. It got approved in the year 2001 in the United States. There are many guidelines to how to use Viread and why you shouldn’t? But in this article, you are here to know about its various benefits.

If you are not aware of it, the word mentioned above is a drug used for the treatment of HIV infection. It prevents HIV infection by blocking its growth. It is mostly used for extending the patient’s life. Why does it matter in this context?
• It’s a combination of the drug Emtricitabine and “Viread”.
• It’s more efficient in suppressing the HIV infection than other drugs.
• It can’t be as effective as it is without the combination of emtricitabine and Viread.
• That is why it’s important.
Other Benefits
According to Doctors, Tenofovir is and can be useful for the treatment other various diseases. All of you know by now that Viread is used for the treatment of HIV Infection but what you do not know is while suppressing the HIV, Viread also lowers the possibility of new infections and Cancer.
Viread is also used for the prevention and treatment of Hepatitis B. it does cure hepatitis B in most cases, but the doctors believe that it has cured hepatitis B in many patients. Doctors think that if used correctly it can cure and prevent hepatitis B.
So, if there ever comes a time when you have to buy Truvada for any reasons whatsoever, remember that Viread has a contribution to it.You can use Viread for other health issues as well, if and only if your doctor recommends it.

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