How to search your friends on snapchat online?

Finding friends on snapchat is very easy, be it on general account or adult snapchat account. Your friends would be your audience and have the privilege to see or download the pictures, videos and all the things that you would share on snapchat. Although snapchat is mainly consist of the videos and picture sharing, after the launch of the latest version you could also share some other type of files over the Internet using snapchat.
Locating your friend and adding them to your friend list
Like on any other social media, you could create your friend list here also. People who are in your friend list would be able to share their videos and pictures with you. If you are using snapchat sex feature for personal use only, you should definitely keep your friend list as small as possible. Below-given some tips could help you while looking for new friends on snapchat.
1. Add friends feature- If you are using the app, you could search through add friend feature.
2. Bar code – If you are having the bar code of your friend’s account, you could scan it and send the add friend request to your friend using this feature.
3. Searching through email or phone number- you could search your friends with the help of global search feature of this app or website, all you need to know is the usernames of your friend.

Beware of fraud adult snapchat accounts
If you are using the adult snapchat service, always make sure that the account you are going to add as your friend is authentic. For the verification you could simply ask for the URL of the home page, your friends account and match the bar code of his/ her profile with the one you have added in your friendliest with the help of snapchat search.

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