Lunesta Sleeping Pills

As with other drugs, Lunesta also has side effects. A number of the negative effects are serious and some are less serious and common in nature. This written composition will supply advice about both ‘serious’ and ‘less serious’ side effects of Lunesta. Nevertheless, you need to consult your physician in case you notice any form of side effect. You could possibly experience every other unwanted effects other than those enlisted below. See your doctor promptly to get medical attention.
Following are the serious unwanted effects of Lunesta:
o Unconsciousness
o Respiration difficulties
o Dizziness
o Drowsiness
o Confusion or issue in coordination
o Lightheadedness
o Swelling of face organs like lips, tongue, hives or face
Some less serious side effects – which are common in nature – are headache, disagreeable mouth flavor.
To prevent these negative effects use Lunesta carefully. Always consult your doctor before starting and discontinuing use of Lunesta.
Detailed illustration of side effects
Memory issue due to Lunesta: Though Lunesta is urged by FDA for long term use, it’s similar unwanted effects like other sleep medications. Memory issue brought on by Lunesta is also called ‘amnesia’. You might face difficulty in remembering things when getting treatment of sleeplessness with Lunesta. This issue generally grows when you didn’t get adequate sleep after taking Lunesta. It’s urged which you ought to have at least 8 hours sleep after taking medication. But in the event you’d adequate sleep and still confront this dilemma, you have to consult your physician. Your physician may either request you to prevent taking Lunesta or decrease the dose.

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