The great game called Runescape

Still going strong and steady
It came out in the January of 2001 but even now, 16 years on, lives on as one of the most popular and widely played game in the world. Runescape is the very epitome of the saying that aged wine is what tastes best. It is a game that has only gotten better with time and keeps offering something new to its players.

Runescape has a pretty straight forward premise; you begin in a secluded area of a world called Gielinor, a medieval fantasy realm. The story of the game is yours to make as the world is laden with all sorts of quests, character and hidden items. Players chart their own course and play the game the way they wish. Every player can make their own story by setting their own goals and objectives and interacting with various monsters, creatures, Non Playable Characters and even other players in order to gain experience points and grow your character. It seems actually to be a very simple and straight forward project now but was actually way ahead of its time when it came out and the fact that it still lives on strongly even today is a testament to how it has stood the test of time.

Sell runescape gold and make some profit
Runescape holds the distinction of being largest free Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game and the most updated game ever in history. This means that runescpe keeps throwing something newa t its users even today and perhspas that is the reason why this fan following has not dwindled and continues to live on strongly. This is only great news for all these fans that it is now possible to sell runescape gold and make some real profit out of it.

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