Things you should know before ordering custom beanies

Beanies are small soft woolen caps that are worn to protect your ears and head from cold air to enter your body. Generally, in markets, you will get readymade beanies. But the problem with them is that they all have quality issues. The fabrics they are made with are real bad. But readymade ones are comparatively cheaper.

But now you can order your own Custom beanies at a low price. You can add in logos, designs, patterns, alphabets, and prints on the beanies. A variety of unique color combinations are available. Note that none of these are made with mixed fabric. You will get 100% pure woolen beanies. That is great! Also, the fittings of this custom made ones are amazing.
Material used in beanies
Mostly beanies are made with wool. As this is winter product wool helps to keep the body warm. The readymade ones that are available in the market are often made with wool mixed with polyester, nylon or synthetic material. That is the reason that these beanies are not durable. Custom beanies are made with 100% pure material. The colors used here are non-transferable and does not fade away within a few months.

Design you can add on custom beanies
Though the basic structure of beanies remains the same, you can add on fun features o it. Firstly you can order beanies woven with two different coloured fabrics. This gives a #D mixed bright effect. You can add on your companies or organization’s name or logo on the front of the beanies. You can order them with particular print or designs.
Also before ordering tells the manufacturers to make the custom beanies more stretchable so that it fits in every size. Online ordering is the best option, as the products will be delivered at free to your address within a short period of time.

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