Types of electronic music

Here is a list of electronic music which we are going to discuss in detail. So let us see information about the types of electronic music-
Ambient music-
This is an interesting genre of the music. Ambient music tone and the atmosphere is over the traditional music rhythm. It got introduced in the United Kingdom in the year of 1970s. Ambient music became popularized in the year of 1978 with the album of Ambient 1. This music is interesting as well as unignorable. It should be accommodated with many interesting levels of attention.

Hardstyle music-
It got influenced by gabber. It is an electronic dance genre, which is techno mix and hardcore. In the beginning of 21st-century first hardstyle event held like qlubtempo. Hardstyle music was introduced in Netherland and artist were included such as- lady dana, DJ zany, DJ Isaac, DJ Pavo, DJ Luna, and prophet.
Breakbeat music-
This is one of the broad styles of dance-based electronic music which utilize breaks. The main rhythm has recorded a sample like jazz, funk, R&B. This breakbeat music has been used in many styles of dance which includes hip hop, drum and bass, hardcore, jungle etc.
Disco music-
This is one of the musical styles which got introduced in the 1970s. It can be seen in the reaction of music like combination of rock music and stigmatization which is a dance music by the counterculture. Disco song also used electronic synthesizers in the 1970s. Disco performer in the year of 1970s and 1980s which are like- grace jones, divine, lime, Cher, Chaka Khan etc.
Techno music-
This is one of the repetitive instrumental music which produced to use in DJ set. This is the most famous form of electronic music. Techno music was developed in the mid-year of 1980s. Fans and journalists of techno music are selective in the term of use and techno party is famous in the internet era.
Hip hop music-
It also called for rap music. It was developed in the United States in the year of 1970s. It consists stylize rhythm music. Techno podcast is the main measure of electronic music.

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