Will a document storage company provide shipment service?

If your business is in an industry like accounting, consulting or some other white collar industry, chances are that your business generates a lot of documents on a daily basis. Most documents cannot be thrown away, at least for a good business. In fact, government law requires you as a company owner to keep a record of all your official business documents for a period of at least 7 years. The government has such a rule so it will allow them easily ask you for income proof, tax proof etc. if you don’t comply with tax authorities. Sometimes, you will need old documents to address legal issues that pop in the future.
In any case, regardless of why you need document storage, this post will introduce you to a professional documents storage Hong Kong company called Hong Kong storage.
Hong Kong storage has over 250,000 square feet of storage space for companies that want to professionally store their documents. They have an impressive client list in the form of McDonald’s, Parsons, and IBM and so on.
Hong Kong storage also provides document pick and drop off service. So, if your business generates a known quantity of documents that need to go into storage on a period basis of say a week or a month, such an arrangement can be made with Hong Kong storage. They will give you boxes beforehand in which you can store your documents and simply hand it over when their pickup driver arrives. They will give you a receipt of documents being taken into possession and will give you a serial number for those boxes.
Once at the facility, the boxes will be stored in a storage compartment where all your other company documents are stored. Hong Kong storage uses sophisticated bar code scanning and the use of SAP to know exactly they keep your documents in storage.

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